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COVID-19 Relief Efforts

June 4, 2020

Operation Hot Potato. Through a partnership with Farmlink Project, our organization coordinated the drop-off and distribution of 42,500 lbs of free potatoes. Over twenty partnering organizations under the Navajo County Feeding Coalition came together to distribute the potatoes on the White Mountain Apache, Hopi, and Navajo reservations and other communities in the White Mountains.

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June 1, 2020

We bought out the local dollar store's personal hygiene and toiletry section! Well, almost; we did not want to be greedy. With your donations, we purchased deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, brushes/combs, lotion, razors, bar soap, hair bands, and feminine hygiene products to make 40 care packages for quarantined families. These items were picked up and distributed by the staff of our community partner, Johns Hopkins University.


May 12, 2020

With donations for our COVID-19 relief fund, we were able to purchase over 2240 lbs of food to build 40 quarantine food boxes. Our team designed these boxes to potentially feed a family of 8 for up to two weeks. On top of that, our team built an additional 20 quarantine food boxes with over 1280 lbs for a community partner who purchased bulk food items for the WMAT community as well. With local canned food and dry good donations, we beefed up each box with multiple complete meal options. In addition to food items we added personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, combs, etc. and devotionals and encouraging letters with scripture. These food boxes, along with all other donated supplies, were picked up by our community partners who are allowed to distribute these items to quarantined families during these times of tight restrictions on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. We are so thankful to our local church partner (theCHURCH) for helping us with this order and allowing us to use their community resource building (the RE:center) to organize and distribute these supplies. 


May 5, 2020

We picked up supplies to add to our quarantine food boxes for families in need. These supplies were donated to us through a Show Low community partner. These bulk items are divided by our team into food boxes that make several complete meals.


May 2, 2020

A ministry partner from Indian Bible College delivered a carload of supplies from Flagstaff Bible Church for a WMAT family in COVID-19 quarantine.


April 30, 2020

The first van load of bleach, spray bottles, food, and other supplies arrived at RE:center, a partnering church's community resource center. These items were donated by Wings of the Way, a Christian ministry focused on relocating human trafficking survivors and serving marginalized communities with aviation transportation services. Items picked up by Johns Hopkins University's team working in Fort Apache, AZ to be distributed.


APRIL 29, 2020

Communicated with community partners, local churches, and other Chrisitan ministries to strategize how AYM could assist in their COVID-19 relief efforts.

APRIL 27, 2020

Delivered supplies to one quarantined-family through the WMAT Emergency Operations Center.

MARCH 24, 2020

Started ZOOM calls with Kennel students, staff, and volunteers to stay connected. Calls continue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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