After school, the Kennel is open for students to eat, play basketball and pool, skate board, finish homework, and hang out. This open platform provides opportunities for believers to engage with students who do not attend our 

evangelistic and discipleship events. Open Kennel is viewed by the local community as a necessary and valuable part of our ministry.


The Rising is our evangelistic platform. Every Wednesday, 60+ youth come to hear God’s word and worship under student leadership. We focus on going verse by verse through the Bible and periodically, discuss hot topics. Afterwards, we come together for fun, fellowship, and food.


AYM’s goal is to empower Apache youth. Part of that involves training student ministry leaders. Our student leaders are trained and equipped to lead various aspects of the Kennel operations. Kennel staff and student leaders meet regularly to provide student ownership in

the ministry .


After graduation, the relationships between AYM leadership and students doesn't end. We encourage our students to become Kennel leaders, attend partnering Bible colleges, and participate with us in leadership training and staff meetings. Equipping them to go, serve, and empower others is a vital part of our students' continuing education.


Student-led and small group-focused. The Discovery Bible Study method allows the students to learn from the Word and Holy Spirit without a teacher. Students realize that they can study the Bible on their own and answer some basic questions:


What do we learn about God?


What do we learn about people?


How should we respond?


During the summer, around 30 youth embark on a 30-hour bus ride to WLS to discover “the power of doing life with Jesus on the Reservation.” Over 800 Native young adults attend from nearly 100 tribes.


To continue the relationships formed at WLS, our youth participate in quarterly Afterglow conferences on different SW reservations.


Designed to provide students life skills training, the Unleashed Program seeks to not only disciple students, but give them tangible help and hope in becoming successful, resilient adults. Jesus commanded that we not only evangelize and disciple, but be compassionate for the physical needs of a person. We are personally committed to be obedient to Christ's commands in ministry.


Modeling the life of Christ, AYM will holistically minister to Apache youth to empower them and their community with the end goal of a discipleship movement throughout Native America.